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Join the Twitter Storm!

The Oscars are taking place on February 28. Tweet before and during to make clear to the nominees they should #SkiptheTrip!

Sign up for the Thunderclap action! A joint tweet will automatically be sent on February 28 by all who sign up. This will help amplify the message to Oscar nominees that they shouldn't endorse Israeli apartheid.

Tweet using #SkiptheTrip, #Oscars, #OscarMovies, #OscarSunday.

These are the Twitter handles of those who will be offered the free trip: @MarkRuffalo; @BryanCranston; @brielarson; @GhostPanther; @lennyabrahamson; @chrisrock. 

Find memes to post here.  

Click on the tweets below to automatically send them. Each tweet includes a link to the petition urging the nominees to reject the trip. 

  • #Oscars nominees, if you love inequality and segregation, this is the trip for you! #SkipTheTrip

  • Join Palestinians calling on #Oscars nominees to reject Israel propaganda trips. #SkiptheTrip

  • @MarkRuffalo We hope you #SkiptheTrip to again stand for Palestinian rights and against Israeli propaganda

  • #Oscars nominees have opportunity to see Israel in all of its apartheid glory! #SkipTheTrip

  • Urge #Oscars Nominees to Reject Apartheid! #SkiptheTrip

  • @MarkRuffalo @BryanCranston @brielarson @GhostPanther @lennyabrahamson: Reject apartheid & #SkiptheTrip! #Oscars

  • #Oscars nominees shouldn't take a free trip to Israel at the expense of Palestinians! #SkiptheTrip

  • #Oscars Nominees! Israel wants your help to put a good face on apartheid. #SkipTheTrip