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Military Aid to Israel

How Much Military Aid to Israel? www.aidtoisrael.org
Learn how much money your state, Congressional district, county and city are providing in military aid to Israel.

How Many Weapons to Israel? www.weaponstoisrael.org
Find out the quantity & value of U.S. weapons licensed & delivered to Israel from 2000-2009 & the effect of these weapons on Palestinians.

Visualizing Palestine Infographics
Check out our joint ad campaign with Visualizing Palestine,  calling on the United States to end aid to Israel.

Fund Community Needs, Not Israel's Misdeeds! www.fundcommunityneeds.org
Find out how to organize a campaign to get your city council to pass a resolution to end aid to Israel and redirect the money to unmet needs.
Be On Our Side. End U.S. Military Aid to Israel.  www.twopeoplesonefuture.org
Check out our ad campaign featuring Palestinians and Israelis calling on us to end U.S. military aid to Israel. Find out how bring these ads to your city.

Take Action to Oppose Aid to Israel
Read our latest alerts and take action by contacting your elected officials to end U.S. military aid to Israel.

Organize to End Military Aid to Israel
Get an organizing packet with postcards, flyers, fact sheets, posters and more. Join 1000s of organizers in 50 states & more than 1,000 cities!

U.S. Military Aid to Israel:
Policy Implications and Options
Read our first-ever policy paper examining the rationale for ending U.S. aid to Israel.

Learn More about Military Aid to Israel
Watch videos, download PowerPoint presentations, and find links to more information about military aid to Israel.