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Gaza Freedom March

The Gaza Freedom March calls on people around the world to remember the horrors of Operation Cast Lead and call for accountability and an end to the Siege of the Gaza Strip. Take action in the Gaza Strip or in your own community Dec. 27 - Jan. 1

Take Action with Congress
Demand that Congress hold war criminals accountable! Congress will be in recess December 22 - January 11; this is a great time to meet in person in your community and tell them to demand an end to the siege of the Gaza Strip.
Take Action in the Media
Use the media to remind people that the tragedy of Israel's assault on the Gaza Strip is not over. Demand accountability and an end to the siege. Use our resources to make your own media (blogs, twitter, etc.) or break into the mainstream media (op-eds, letters to the editor, pitching stories).
Ideas for Action
Find ideas for what kind of solidarity actions you can plan, as well as tips for organizing on this issue.
Main Gaza Freedom March Site
Check out the main Gaza Freedom March for more information about the march and solidarity activities.