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Go to Palestine & Israel

Groups organizing trips to Palestine & Israel usually fall into one of two categories: those which organize fact-finding, educational delegations and groups which organize direct action, humanitarian assistance and volunteers for human shields. For the second category, please refer to the Direct Action page, which includes information about the International Solidarity Movement.

Global Exchange Reality Tours to Palestine & Israel strive to further the US public's understanding of the region1s realities by giving people first-hand exposure to the human rights abuses occurring in the Occupied Territories. On these delegations we travel through the occupied West Bank, Gaza and Israel, in the cities, villages, refugee camps, settlements and other focal places of the conflict. By meeting with the Palestinian and Israeli left and right, we will be hearing the most recent and direct accounts of current events, and will explore various historical and political perspectives and values which divide the two peoples.

Upon returning home, participants are supported in getting media coverage, doing speaking events, engaging their members of Congress, and educating their communities about the realities of the conflict and what Americans can do to support peace with justice.

Students can receive university credit for participating in a delegation. Global Exchange can also plan customized delegations for universities, religious and private groups.

For a detailed itinerary and information about upcoming delegations call 800-497-1994 ext. 251, email ladan@globalexchange.org or visit http://www.globalexchange.org/campaigns/palestine/

Sabeel Solidarity Visits to Palestine and Israel combine the treasure of Christian pilgrimage with the Christian ministry of justice and peace. Participants gather in worship with Palestinian Christian communities in Galilee, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem and bear witness to suffering under Israeli military occupation in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. Trips include visits to churches, refugee camps, hospitals, family homes, with Palestinian and Israeli peace organizations, plus educational lectures and workshops. Sabeel trips to the Holy Land open the eyes of first time visitors, provide clergy, religious leaders, journalists and activists with the experienced credibility needed to educate the uninformed in the U.S. and around the world about Palestinian Christians and Muslims and the tragedy of injustice inflicted upon them by Israel's brutal and illegal occupation. Sabeel trips occur approximately twice a year. The next scheduled solidarity visit will be in April 2004. For updates on Sabeel trips, please visit our Jerusalem web sites: www.sabeel.org or our Friends of Sabeel-North America site at www.fosna.org.

Fellowship of Reconciliation's Interfaith Peace-Builders sends delegations to Israel and Palestine to let U.S. citizens see the conflict with their own eyes. Participants learn directly from Israeli and Palestinian nonviolent peace/human-rights activists, spend time in Palestinian and Israeli homes, and experience the situation of Palestinians living under occupation. Delegations focus on seeing, listening to, and recording the experiences of a wide range of Palestinian and Israeli voices. Some delegations go to Lebanon and Jordan as well as Israel and Palestine, enabling participants to see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a broader Middle East context.

Interfaith Peace-Builders places a strong emphasis on continuing work when participants return to the U.S. The program asks for a commitment from participants to educate people in their communities about the conflict, to write and speak about their experiences, to join with FOR and other local and national organizations working to end the conflict, and to work to change U.S. policy in the region.

For more information and an Application Form, contact:
Joe Groves or Gretchen Merryman
FOR Interfaith Peace-Builders
4545 42nd St. NW, Suite 209, Washington, DC 20016
Phone: (202) 244-0821; Fax: (202) 244-6396
E-mail: middleeast@forusa.org; Web: www.forusa.org

Faculty for Israel-Palestine Peace www.ffipp.org runs fabulous trips every 6 months which are organized by Israeli leftists who teach in the US and have close ties to many many people in the Palestinian communities of the West Bank as well as Gaza and the Israeli left, middle and right.  Over a 13 day period trips are filled presentations and discussions that include Ilan Pappe the historian, Uri Avnery the peace activist and writer, Ghassan Andoni head of ISM,  Mustapha Barghoudi, Sari Nusseibeh, Ghassan Abdullah, many leaders of the West Bank and Gaza NGO’s, PLO leaders, anti-PLO leaders, settler spokespeople, kibbutz leaders, Israeli Arab town leaders, government and former government officials and generals from the IDF and the ‘peace generals.’ The next trip is in December 2003. 

After the trip members are encouraged to speak at community and university venues.  Participants address a wide range of groups including the National Press Club, the National Lawyers Guild, United for Peace and Justice, Tikkun Community, church and synagogue groups, neighborhood groups and friends and colleagues.