PART ONE: The Crisis

Why is there so much violence in the Middle East? Isn't there violence on both sides?

Why should Americans care about violence in the Middle East?

Why is the Middle East so important to the U.S. and internationally?

What caused the current crisis?

Why is the current level of violence so intense?

Isn't Israel just trying to fight against terrorism, just like the U.S. in Afghanistan?

Who are the "suicide bombers" and why are they killing themselves and others?

Why are only Palestinians carrying out these suicide bombings?

Are all Palestinians terrorists or supporters of terrorism?

Why are Palestinians in Israel at all?

What are the occupied territories?

What does "military occupation" mean?

What is the fence that Israel is building in the occupied territories?

What is "transfer"? Why did talk of "transfer" of Palestinians increase during the build-up to war in Iraq?

Who are the Israeli settlers? Why are the Israeli settlements located outside Israel's borders?

What do the Palestinians want?

What does Israel want?

If Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, why are there so many Palestinians in the eastern part of the city?

Who controls the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip?

Why does Israel still occupy those areas?

Who are the Palestinians? Where did they come from?

Why are Palestinians still living in refugee camps? Where are they from and why don't they go home?

What is the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)?

What is the Palestinian Authority (PA)?

Who are the Israelis? Where did they come from?

What's the difference between Jews and Israelis?