Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Israeli journalist Amira Hass calls for ending military aid to Israel

Israeli journalist Amira Hass was interviewed yesterday on Democracy Now! in regards to the UN investigation of war crimes in the Gaza Strip. When asked by Amy Goodman for her evaluation of the Obama Administration in regards to Israel/Palestine, Hass gave this response:
"My evaluation, it’s—so far I see more hope invested in him than I see real inclinations to pressure Israel. I mean, all the statements that were said so far are encouraging, in the sense that he understands or his administration understands that there must be a way out of this deadlock. But there must be measures taken, such as freeze of sales of arms to Israel, freeze or stoppage of all support, financial support of Israel as long as it continues to build in the settlements. So these things are yet to be seen."
Watch the full video below, and click here to find out what you can do to help end U.S. military aid to Israel until settlement construction is stopped and other policy goals are met.