Friday, June 12, 2009

Max Blumenthal's latest video from Jerusalem shows Israeli support for ending U.S. military aid

In Max Blumenthal's latest video on Mondoweiss, Israeli peace camp members respond to Obama's Cairo speech. Many call for ending U.S. military aid or for some other sort of serious pressure from the United States in order to end the Israeli occupation. Watch the whole video below: Of course, this isn't the first video that's surfaced featuring Israeli voices calling on the U.S. to stop arming Israel. Here's a video-letter from a member of the Israeli organization Machsom [Checkpoint] Watch, a group of Israeli women who do human rights reporting at checkpoints in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The letter calls on President Obama to be a "truly true friend" to Israel, not one of the "plenty of friends who arm us...and protect us from the international courts." Find out how you can be a "truly true friend" by working against U.S. military aid by clicking here.