Thursday, July 23, 2009

Israeli military, civilians contemplate the end of U.S. military aid--why don't we?

Joseph Dana and Antony Lowenstein have released a follow-up to the widely circulated Max Blumenthal video "Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem," which was banned by YouTube after receiving hundreds of thousands of hits. The new video is worth watching to get a sense of Israeli viewpoints regarding settlements and U.S. President Barack Obama, but at the US Campaign we were particularly interested in the individual interviewed at minute 4:25, who was willing to defend settlement policy even if it would lead to the end of U.S. military aid to Israel--and, seemingly, the total isolation of the country. In fact, this gentleman describes Israeli reliance on U.S. aid as "a junky waiting for a fix." Check it out: Of course, one Israeli right-winger considering a cut-off of U.S. military aid doesn't say much. Today, however, the Jerusalem Post is reporting that the Israeli military establishment has been considering what its options would be if the U.S. decides to cut off military aid due to Israeli settlement policy:
"Amid growing tension between Jerusalem and Washington, the IDF and Defense Ministry have held brainstorming sessions to discuss the possibility that the United States would cut military aid to Israel, The Jerusalem Post has learned.On Tuesday night, senior Defense Ministry and IDF officers gathered in Tel Aviv for a discussion on US-Israeli relations, during which they discussed new Pentagon regulations regarding the way Israel can use the almost $3 billion in military aid it receives from the US."
It's long past time that we bring a conversation that is happening in Israeli Defense Ministry meetings and on the streets of Jerusalem into the halls of Congress. Click here to schedule a meeting with your elected representatives during the August Congressional recess, and let them know that you're tired of your tax money paying for the Israeli military's violations of international law and human rights. Tell them you want your tax money going to health care, education, housing--anything other than sponsoring war and occupation. Click here to sign up for a meeting today.