Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Activate Our Networks"

Talking to Congressional staffers or Members of Congress about human rights and international law in Israel/Palestine--and about cutting military aid to Israel until it abides by these universally recognized standards--can be a bit frustrating at times. Often, we hear back from people who have been stonewalled by staffer or have been told that the Member of Congress would love to help but just can't. A little while back we linked to an interview with US Campaign National Organizer Katherine Fuchs in WireTap Magazine. Here's what Fuchs had to say about Congressional advocacy in that piece [emphasis added]:
"When I meet with a sympathetic staffer or member of Congress, they often want to help and find ways of doing so short of cutting military aid because they are afraid that they would catch hell from their constituents. It's much more depressing to hear this come from the mouth of someone who clearly wants to do more than it is to be shut out by someone whose last campaign was funded by the Israel lobby and whose mind was made up before I stepped into their office. Every time I hear that the constituents back home wouldn't stand for sanctioning Israel's bad behavior I am motivated to activate our networks in that district to show the member of Congress that their constituents really do believe in standing up for human rights law."
Not to scare you all or anything, but "our networks" means YOU! The discourse on Israel/Palestine--whether it's in the media, among consumers, in corporate boardrooms, or on Capitol Hill--won't change without your dedicated work. We need people working in every district, every state, every municipality, on every campus, everywhere. Get activated by clicking here.