Tuesday, October 27, 2009

From the Gaza Freedom March organizers: Tell Congress "Don't Bury Goldstone"

We'll have more information on how to engage Congress on this over the next week, but here is a call from the organizers of the Gaza Freedom March to pressure Congress to oppose a resolution condemning the Goldstone Report: "The US Congress is a considering a bipartisan resolution which would officially reject the findings of Judge Goldstone’s report on the Gaza war and call on President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton to use the US veto to prevent a vote on the report in the United Nations Security Council. A vote on the bill, House Resolution 867, is expected by this coming weekend.

It is urgent that you call both your Senators and your Congressperson today and tell them to vote against this outrageous bill. You can read the bill here. It ignores the conclusions of the Goldstone Report and simply parrots Israeli government denial."

Click here to learn more and take action.