Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who You Callin' Biased? Richard Goldstone asks Obama Administration to specify flaws in Report as U.S. military aid to Israel continues to flow

Watch Judge Richard Goldstone respond to criticism of the Goldstone Report on war crimes in the Gaza Strip on Al Jazeera: Judge Goldstone asks the U.S. to justify its claims that the report's findings are flawed and biased, and questions whether the most vehement critics of the Report have even read it. In other Goldstone Report news, Israeli journalist Amira Hass recently provided an update of the case of the Samouni family:
"Twenty-nine members of the family, all of them civilians, were killed in the Israel Defense Force's winter assault - 21 during the shelling of a house where IDF soldiers had gathered some 100 members of the family a day earlier....Salah Samouni...feels that Goldstone, in his report, lent the victims a voice."
Al Jazeera also covered the story of the Samouni family: $30 billion in military aid to Israel over 10 years isn't just a number. U.S. military aid to Israel means tragedy for Palestinians like the Samouni family. Sign up today to organize in your Congressional district against U.S. military aid by clicking here.