Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jewish Daily Forward asks, What does pro-Israel mean on college campuses

There's an interesting article in the Jewish Daily Forward today about the definition of "pro-Israel" on college campuses. Take a look:
"“If ‘pro-Israel’ means agreeing that Israel has a right to exist and wanting to do good things with the state, then we’re pro-Israel,” said Ari Fine, president of JSC. But “people had different connotations about what the word actually meant.”"
Read the full article here. Of course, for those more interested in being pro-peace or pro-human rights, one also has to wonder what those terms mean on campuses that invest in companies selling technology to the Israeli military. That's why the US Campaign has launched a new website with resources for activists working on boycott, divestment, and sanctions on college campuses. Check out a Student Divestment Handbook, information on the upcoming National BDS Conference at Hampshire College, and more on the US Campaign website by clicking here.