Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Resources

Check out new BDS resources on the US Campaign website:
  • Stop Caterkiller: Did you notice that D-9 armoured bulldozers are repeatedly described as tools of Israeli war crimes in the Goldstone Report? So did our Steering Committee member, Peter Miller of Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights. Peter compiled all of the remarks about bulldozers from the Goldstone Report into one eight-page document, now posted on our website! Click here to download a PDF of this document. If you don't already have a local campaign going against Caterpillar's sale of these bulldozers to Israel, click here to order a campaign kit.
  • Campus BDS: There's a new section on our website devoted to campus BDS campaigns. Click here to view the new section, which includes a link to register for Hampshire SJP's upcoming National Campus BDS Conference, Divest Now! our handbook for student divestment, and power point presentations on various aspects of campus BDS campaigns.
  • General BDS Resources: Thanks to the National Lawyers Guild we now have a legal memo on BDS posted in our resources section. While this memo does outline how federal anti-boycott law might (not) apply to our work, it is not intended to substitute for advice from a lawyer - click here to download the memo. Precedent is constantly evolving, so remember to check the NLG's website for updates. We've recently added the Interfaith Peace Initiative's global BDS survey to our website, click here to view the survey, which is a comprehensive list of BDS campaigns and actions around the world. We've also updated the URL for the Seattle Divest from Israeli Occupation campaign. Send us links to your BDS campaigns and we will post them in our "BDS in Action" section.
Now for a sneak peak of future BDS resources. We're currently developing campaign kits for both campus BDS and the Ahava boycott. We've also started planning for spring semester campus BDS conferences - keep an eye on your email to find out when there will be a conference near you. We're also already preparing for the Caterpillar and Motorola shareholder meetings. Although these meetings aren't until the spring, we're coordinating how our supporters can protest inside the meetings by purchasing one share of stock in these companies.