Thursday, November 5, 2009

Today: Media Action Day to End the Siege of Gaza

Today we commemorate one year since the Israeli military broke the ceasefire by bombing tunnels in the Gaza Strip, killing 6 Palestinians. We encourage our supporters to take action in the media by writing op-eds, letters to the editor, blog posts, blog comments, and anything else you can think of! Find out how you can get involved by clicking here. For a good example of how you can take action in the media, check out this op-ed entitled "A Grim Anniversary" in The Baltimore Sun, written by Amir Mohareb:
"Now, one year on, the nature and depth of the Gaza crisis has been formally recorded in a United Nations report by South African judge Richard Goldstone. Judge Goldstone himself is an international justice of impeccable record and thoughtful personal history. His report catalogs pervasive targeting and destruction of civilian infrastructure by the Israeli military, while also condemning armed Palestinian groups for firing rockets indiscriminately into Southern Israel. Its major shortcoming, according to a recent article he wrote in his defense, was the Israeli government's refusal to allow the UN fact finding mission to interview Israeli victims of rocket attacks."
In addition to being well-written and on point, notice how the op-ed mentions a Member of Congress by name. Include the name of your member of Congress in an op-ed or letter to the editor--for example, by thanking them for voting "NO" on H.Res. 867 or calling them out for voting "YES" on a resolution condemning a report that they didn't bother to read. This is a great way to get your Member of Congress' attention--Congressional staff monitor local media outlets for exactly this sort of mention. For more advice on taking action in the media, including talking points, tips on pitching stories, and more, click here.