Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More reports on Gaza Freedom March as solidarity actions continue

International media coverage of the Gaza Freedom March is picking up. The Christian Science Monitor is carrying a report entitled "Egypt cracks down on foreign protesters heading to Gaza Strip." The Sydney Morning Herald reports "Hunger strikers press Egypt on Gaza march." And we've updated the list of media coverage in our earlier post "Gaza Freedom Marchers persist in Cairo." Democracy Now! has an update from Cairo: The Arab Detroit News reports on members of US Campaign member group Michigan Peace Team who are attending the Gaza Freedom March, including Sheri Wander who says:
"I believe nonviolent people power is the only thing strong enough to stop what I honestly believe amounts to genocide in Gaza, With the leadership of Palestinians in Gaza and the solidarity of ordinary citizens from around the world we can do what the governments can/will not."
Jean Athey of US Campaign member group Peace Action Montgomery has this update on the group's blog:

"We have learned that Egypt has forbidden the bus companies to transport us to the border. Egyptian authorities have cancelled the space that had been rented for our group meeting scheduled for the evening of December 27. It is becoming increasingly unlikely that we will be able to get anywhere near Gaza. So, somehow, we will take a stand in Cairo."

Jesuit priest and activist John Dear writes about the hunger strike on Common Dreams, and Kathy Kelly of Voices for Creative Nonviolence has an update on the Huffington Post. And here's the latest update from the march organizers. UPDATE: "Egyptian security forces confront Gaza Freedom March protesters, possibly at the request of the US embassy" Meanwhile, across the United States and around the world, Gaza solidarity actions are being held to commemorate one year since Israel's 22-day assault on the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip, which resulted in some 1400 deaths. It's not too late to find a solidarity action near you, and to use our resources to take action in the media, with Congress, and in the streets. Check out more ways to take action in support of Palestinian human rights and the Gaza Freedom March on the US Campaign's website!