Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Omar Baddar: "The Race Against Israeli Expansionism"

Here's Omar Baddar in a Huffington Post article entitled "The Race Against Israeli Expansionism," arguing that contradictions in U.S. policy toward Israeli settlements are making prospects for a just peace look pretty dim:
"US policy, in line with international law and the international consensus, is fully opposed to Israel's settlement expansion. Nonetheless, the US continues to provided Israel with massive military aid and diplomatic support even as Israel undermines the peace process with unrelenting settlement building. The US is, in effect, supporting the very Israeli policies that it publicly states its opposition to....What is needed is immediate and decisive action by the US to hold Israel accountable by beginning to condition aspects of US support for Israel on its compliance with its obligations."
Read the full article here. Let the U.S. government know that you're tired of it talking out of two sides of its mouth when it comes to Israeli settlements by meeting with your Member of Congress during the winter recess. And take immediate action by telling your Representative to sign on to two Dear Colleague letters related to the siege on Gaza.