Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Radically Changing Discourse: The Atlantic Wire covers the argument for politically isolating Israel

The Atlantic Wire, the news aggregation site of The Atlantic Monthly that prides itself on being the "one-stop portal for opinion news," is carrying a post titled "The Case for U.S. Distancing From Israel." The post cites three recent op-eds which make the argument for why we should "diplomatically distance ourselves from Israel itself," including yesterday's Guardian op-ed by Andrew Kadi and Aaron Levitt of US Campaign member group Adalah-NY. The raison d'être of The Atlantic Wire is to cover "major national debates." In other words, it's a discourse thermometer. The fact that arguments for cutting off military aid and going after "charity" groups that are raising money for settlers are being picked up by the site is yet another sign of a radically changing discourse, one in which it is becoming increasingly acceptable to openly discuss and criticize violations of Palestinian human rights being committed with U.S. tax dollars. Join the debate today using our resources for media action--and if you haven't already, check out our resources for local solidarity with the upcoming Gaza Freedom March! The discourse is changing because of our work. Let's channel the energy of the debate into action!