Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"The US cash behind extremist settlers": US Campaign member group exposes U.S. funding of Israeli settlers

We've posted before about efforts of US Campaign member groups to expose groups like the Hebron Fund, U.S.-based "charitable" organizations that raise money for extremist settler groups. Today, Andrew Kadi and Aaron Levitt of Adalah-NY have a great piece in The Guardian reporting on tax-deductible donations in the United States that fuel violations of international law and Palestinian rights--not to mention violations of stated U.S. policy on settlements:
"Israeli settlements violate the Geneva convention's prohibition against an occupying power transferring its population into occupied territory, and Israeli settlement expansion directly contradicts the US call for a settlement freeze. Hebron's Jewish settlers, who are supported by the Hebron Fund, are openly fundraising in New York City. Under the protection of the Israeli military, they are expanding settlements in Hebron's Old City and driving out the Palestinian residents."
Check out the full article here, and be sure to leave a comment on the Guardian's site--the more comments an article has, the more play it will get on the site! Once you've done that, find out how you can help get powerful pieces like this into U.S.-based media using our media action resources. Of course, it's not just tax-deductible contributions that support the Israeli settlement regime--it's also the contributions of our actual tax dollars. Sign up today to fight the $3 billion of military aid to Israel that the United States is scheduled to pay out next year by joining our Congressional District Coordinator Network. Looking for more ways to stop settlement expansion and extremism? Remember, Motorola provides surveillance equipment, communication technology, and cell phone service to Israeli settlements. Caterpillar equipment is used to build settlements and the apartheid Wall, and to destroy Palestinian homes and agricultural land. And Ahava beauty products are produced in settlements from minerals stolen from the West Bank. Sign up to be a local organizer for any of our boycott and divestment campaigns by clicking here (Ahava organizing materials coming soon).