Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Imprisoned leader of Palestinian nonviolent resistance Abdallah Abu Rahmah: "Arrests and persecution do not weaken us"

Take a look at this inspiring message from Abdallah Abu Rahmah, one of many Palestinian leaders of grassroots nonviolent resistance to the Israeli occupation and apartheid being held in Israeli jail. Abdallah refuses to be intimidated by this most recent campaign of repression:
"I know that Israel’s military campaign to imprison the leadership of the Palestinian popular struggle shows that our non-violent struggle is effective....Whether we are confined in the open-air prison that Gaza has been transformed into, in military prisons in the West Bank, or in our own villages surrounded by the Apartheid Wall, arrests and persecution do not weaken us. They only strengthen our commitment to turning 2010 into a year of liberation through unarmed grassroots resistance to the occupation....This year, the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee will expand on the achievements of 2009, a year in which you amplified our popular demonstrations in Palestine with international boycott campaigns and international legal actions under universal jurisdiction [emphasis added]."
Read his full statement, which Abdallah shared from his prison cell with his lawyers, here. Learn more and take action to demand the release of Abdallah Abu Rahmah, Mohammad Othman, Jamal Juma', and other imprisoned leaders of Palestinian nonviolent resistance by clicking here. Learn how to amplify popular demonstrations in Palestine by participating in boycott and divestment campaigns by clicking here.