Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Palestinians in Gaza donate to Haiti relief effort as siege of Gaza continues

According to a report from Democray Now!, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are donating to the relief effort in devastated Haiti even as the Israeli siege continues to prevent humanitarian and rebuilding aid from entering Gaza:
"Jamal Al-Khudari of the Committee Against the Siege on Gaza: 'We are sending donations, because, as Palestinian people, we suffered a lot, and we, the Palestinian people, feel more than other people of the world with the suffering of the people in Haiti. We suffer a lot, and we feel their suffering. That is why we decided to donate from the center of suffering, from the besieged Gaza.'"
Sharif Abdel Kouddous of Democracy Now! described the destruction in Haiti as "like Gaza" in a report filed on the ground from Haiti, comparing the effects of the massive earthquake that struck the island nation last week to the devastation and continuing effects of Israel's 22-day assault on the Gaza Strip last winter. The siege of Gaza continues to prevent aid, rebuilding materials, and commerce from flowing freely into the Gaza Strip. Sign up for our March 7-8, 2010 Grassroots Advocacy Training and Lobby Day in Washington, DC, to let your Members of Congress know that it's long past time for the siege to be lifted--and for U.S. policy to stop supporting Israel's violations of Palestinian human rights and international law.