Thursday, January 28, 2010

President Obama challenged on aid to Israel, violations of Palestinian human rights in Tampa

Ma'an News Agency reports:
"US President Barack Obama said on Thursday that the United States would always ensure Israel's security but that Washington must also pay attention to the plight of the Palestinians...."Last night in your State of the Union address, you spoke of America's support for human rights," said a university student, who added that she worked on Obama's campaign last year. "Then why have we not condemned Israel and Egypt's human rights violations against the occupied Palestinian people? We continue to support [Israel and Egypt] financially, with billions of dollars coming from our tax dollars."
We're not so impressed with Obama's answer--but we are impressed that a question about Palestinian human rights and U.S. aid to Israel was the first one asked, and that it was a student who'd worked on Obama's campaign that asked it. Slowly, slowly, the discourse is changing--when was the last time you heard a question about U.S. aid to Israel being aired on CNN? Join us in changing the discourse by using our media action resources and by attending the Grassroots Advocacy Training and Lobby Day that we're co-hosting with US Campaign member group Interfaith Peace-Builders in March.