Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"US military aid to Israel violates domestic, international law" says member of PCUSA Middle East Study Committee

N.H. Gordon, a member of the Presbyterian Church USA's Middle East Study Committee, writes at Electronic Intifada:
"Based on international and domestic US laws, and the Goldstone report's finding that Israel committed grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention, the US government, in providing military aid and the transfer of arms to Israel, has violated its responsibility not to participate in the internationally wrongful acts of another state. With these observations in mind, I personally believe that the recommendation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) Middle East Study Committee to withhold military aid to Israel as a last resort -- in attempting to enforce international law vis-a-vis the occupation of Palestinian territories and the human rights violations against the Palestinians -- is a mild statement, indeed."
As Gordon notes, the Presbyterian Church has been the target of attacks for publishing the recommendations of the Middle East Study Committee, which include suggestions for leveraging military aid and a condemnation of Caterpillar's military sales to Israel. You can help support the Presbyterian Church's efforts for justice by sending a supportive email to the following individuals: Rev. Dr. Ronald L Shive, Chair Committee on Mideast Study Presbyterian Church USA Rev. Dr. Gradye Parsons Stated Clerk of the General Assembly Presbyterian Church USA Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow Presbyterian Church USA Elder Linda Bryant Valentine Presbyterian church USA Here's a sample email you can use: To the Presbyterian Church (U. S. A.), The Presbyterian Church (U. S. A.) Committee on Mideast Study, in its published report, expresses the belief that ‘we all do have a shared responsibility to guard human rights everywhere . . . for every suffering victim in the world today, including the Palestinians.” We know that in today‚Äôs political reality in the United States that to mention, let alone advocate, for the human rights of Palestinians is a courageous stance. We urge the Presbyterian Church (U. S. A.) General Assembly to consider and accept the report and recommendations of its Middle East Study. We encourage you to remain strong and courageous in speaking truth for the sake of peace and justice in Palestine-Israel.