Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mike Coogan: "Money talks in US-Israel relations"

Check out US Campaign Office Manager Mike Coogan, writing on U.S. military aid to Israel in the University of Portland student paper The Beacon:
"If money talks, then Congress just said that U.S. military aid to Israel is two times more important than American jobs. The recent $15 billion jobs bill pales in comparison to the $30 billion in military aid that we are slated to give Israel. The decision by Congress to put requests by the Israeli government before the needs of working Americans is not only insulting, it's a violation of U.S. laws. The logic for stopping U.S. military aid to Israel is simple. Israel should not be allowed to have our weapons for the same reason that a violent felon should not have a gun....Aid to Israel costs more than just American jobs, healthcare and our interests generally. It costs millions of people their basic human rights. As taxpayers and American citizens, we have the power to end this brutal occupation. It's time we use it."
Read the full article here, and find out how much your community, county, or Congressional district is giving in military aid to Israel and what you can do to stop it at our Aid to Israel website.