Thursday, January 27, 2011

During Obama's address, US Campaign's Phyllis Bennis weighs in on administration's misappropriation of $30bn for more Israeli war crimes instead of 600,000 new green jobs

During President Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday night, our steering committee member Phyllis Bennis was invited onto a PBS panel of commentators, whose full transcript is viewable here. Here's a summary of what Bennis made of Obama's foreign policy comments during the speech. 

SOTU: Really, Mr. President? 

President Barack Obama
We have also taken the fight to al-Qaeda and their allies abroad. In Afghanistan, our troops have taken Taliban strongholds and trained Afghan Security Forces. Our purpose is clear - by preventing the Taliban from reestablishing a stranglehold over the Afghan people, we will deny al-Qaeda the safe-haven that served as a launching pad for 9/11.

Phyllis Bennis
Is President Obama going to say anything about the latest failure in U.S.-brokered peace talks in the Middle East? Or is he just hoping we’re not paying attention, and that we’re fine with paying $30 billion over these ten years directly to the Israeli military, money that could be used for 600,000 new green jobs here at home?