Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Motorola Israel splits from Motorola. Boycott implications unknown.

Below is a bit of predictable news about one of our main boycott targets -- Motorola (for more information, see our campaign site whose Israel component is no longer a wholly owned subsidiary. Implications for the boycott movement are unclear at this point, but we'll keep pushing forward with no less pressure, to stop Moto from equipping the Israeli occupation in ways like these:
  1. Every Israeli border guard manning a checkpoint and every soldier committing war crimes in the Gaza Strip takes their orders through a Motorola device because Motorola has the exclusive contract to provide the Israeli military with encrypted mobile phone technology.
  2. Motorola "virtual fences" and surveillance systems are used at dozens of illegal Israeli settlements built on Palestinian land.
  3. Motorola also has close ties with Aeronautics Defense Systems (ADS), which makes drone aircraft used by Israel. Motorola sold their bomb fuse division to ADS, just after Human Rights Watch found debris from Motorola bomb components scattered through rubble in the Gaza Strip.
Spin-off is great news for Motorola Israel
Motorola Solutions Israel CEO Shimon Dick: The spin-off of Motorola Mobility restores our focus.
4 January 11 15:04, Gad Perez
"The spin-off is great news for Motorola Israel," Motorola Solutions Israel CEO Shimon Dick told "Globes", "because Motorola Solutions is expected to increase its investment in the technologies in which Israel has accumulated decades of world-class experience and expertise. This spin-off is therefore a lever for the growth of activity in Israel."
Work at Motorola Inc. began today as two separate companies: Motorola Solutions Inc. (NYSE: MOT) and Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. (NYSE: MMI), which will continue to develop, manufacture, and market mobile devices. The spin-off of the mobile division came after over two years of preparations aimed at refocusing the two companies on their core businesses.