Friday, March 18, 2011

Rebuilding Alliance reaches fundraising goal for village under Israeli demolition orders

Founder and Executive Director of our San Mateo, CA, member organization, "Rebuilding Alliance," Donna Baranski-Walker, today announced an "eleventh hour" victory in reaching the $12,123 goal for the organization's latest project, "Teaching in Village Under Demolition Orders."

The project focuses on the children of the West Bank village of Al-Aqaba, whose future is threatened because of demolition orders that were issued by the Israeli military against the whole village, including the kindergarten.    The village struggles to fund salaries for teachers and staff because of widespread poverty.

Baranski-Walker writes:
"Thanks to all the 71 donations, this project will be a success. … The next Bonus Day challenge is on June 15th -- let's do it again in June. Thank you for remembering the late Rachel Corrie with us. We believe this project embodies the community building, education and action so important to her."
Yesterday, March 17, Baranski-Walker also published in the Huffington Post "An Open Letter to the Department of State, in Response to the U.S. Human Rights Report."