Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April is Right to Education Month

Jewish Voice for Peace has designated this month for focusing on the Right to Education.

The Right to Education speaking tour is in full swing, featuring Palestinian voices focused on Palestinian youth and the barriers that the Israeli occupation imposes on their access to education. Mira, Amer, and Hanna have been speaking at many universities, connecting the Palestinian student experience to the American one. Click here to find out some of what people are saying about the tour. Here are the remaining tour dates/locations:

Hanna and Mira at UC-Berkeley and City College of San Francisco

Hanna and Mira at UT-Austin

Hanna and Mira at Albuquerque

Hanna and Mira at Arizona State University and University of Arizona

Hanna and Mira at UC-San Diego

Hanna and Mira at UCLA

May is Right to Healthcare Month. Stay tuned at