Friday, July 1, 2011

Take Action: U.S. Boat to Gaza Stopped From Sailing

Above: U.S. Boat participants in the Athens port waving signs and U.S. flags. Click to enlarge and see more pictures.

A few hours ago, we found out from activists in our member group U.S. Boat to Gaza that the Greek coast guard has prevented the U.S.-flagged ship The Audacity of Hope from sailing to the Israeli-occupied and -blockaded Palestinian Gaza Strip as part of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla II--"Stay Human."

Currently, the ship is returning to port and we need your help today and throughout this holiday weekend to put pressure on Greece and the United States to allow the U.S. Boat to Gaza to sail and fulfill its mission of delivering thousands of letters of solidarity from the United States to the people of Gaza.

Here's how you can help:

1. We urge you to immediately contact the Greek Embassy in Washington, DC, by phone at 202-939-1300 and by fax at 202-939-1324.  You can find contact information for your nearest Greek consulate here. Tell them to let The Audacity of Hope leave Athens safely and sail to Gaza.

2. Call the State Department at 202-647-6575 and demand that it retract its June 24 statement that the flotilla and the U.S. Boat to Gaza are "irresponsible and provocative actions."

Demand that the United States stop threatening U.S. citizens acting peacefully to break Israel's illegal and immoral blockade of Gaza that their actions "could violate U.S. civil and criminal statutes and could lead to fines and incarceration." 

Demand that the United States ensures safe passage for the flotilla and that it ends U.S. support for Israel’s illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Above: Clck to download our double-sided flyer.

3. Take to the streets this holiday weekend to be visible and to educate our fellow citizens that as we celebrate our freedom, the United States is supporting Israel in denying freedom to Palestinians.  We've just prepared this downloadable flyer about the Gaza Freedom Flotilla II and U.S. support for Israel's illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Download, copy, and distribute the flyer at your community's 4th of July celebrations and throughout the holiday weekend.

4. Find emergency actions or events near you on the website of the U.S. Boat to Gaza.  Add your action or event to the calendar by sending it to

Thank you for taking action to change U.S. policy to support Palestinian freedom this 4th of July holiday weekend, and stay tuned for updates by visiting