Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tell TIAA-CREF to Stop Censoring Investors and to Divest from the Occupation!

Financial services giant TIAA-CREF is running scared. For more than a year, tens of thousands of people around the country have taken part in the "We Divest" Campaign, calling on TIAA-CREF to divest from Caterpillar, Motorola, Veolia, and other companies profiting from the Israeli occupation.

Recently, TIAA-CREF -- which presents itself as committed to social responsibility and transparency -- censored its shareholders when it suppressed a resolution proposed by investors asking TIAA-CREF to start engaging persuasively with such companies.

Now, TIAA-CREF has gone even farther. Since 2005, all but one of its annual shareholder meetings have been held in New York City. Dozens protested outside the meeting last year, but this year the financial services giant is moving its July 19th meeting to Charlotte, North Carolina. Perhaps they are worried about more protests by those in support of Palestinian human rights? Like Caterpillar, which also recently moved its shareholder meeting to try to avoid us, TIAA-CREF can run but it can't hide!

Let's show TIAA-CREF how we respond to organizations profiting from human rights abuses!

Click here to sign an open letter to CEO Roger Ferguson to be delivered at next week's shareholder meeting.

After you've signed the letter, consider going a step farther to take part in a nationwide day of action on July 19th during the TIAA-CREF shareholder meeting! Click here to see a list of demonstrations set to take place in cities across the country.

With as few as 2-3 people, you too can challenge TIAA-CREF at one of their 60 offices nationwide. There are resources and ideas ready to use. Click here to email "We Divest" Campaign organizer Lev Hirschhorn for more information.

Above: York City flash mob calls for "We Divest" action on July 19. Click to watch.

New York City activists recently put on an amazing flash mob in Times Square to educate others about TIAA-CREF's investment in the occupation, and about the July 19th day of action. Click here to view the inspiring video and spread the word!

Don't forget to sign this open letter to CEO Roger Ferguson, which will be delivered to him at next week's shareholder meeting.

Learn more and share ideas about the "We Divest" Campaign and BDS activities gaining momentum around the country at our 10th Annual National Organizers' Conference, September 16-19 in Washington, DC! Click here for more information. I hope to see you there!