Thursday, October 20, 2011

Occupy Wall Street not Palestine!

"So as you break your own chains and build your own effective resistance against corporate tyranny, we ask you to demand a just peace for all the peoples in the Middle East, based on international law and equal human rights. Palestinians too are part of the 99% around the world that suffer at the hands of the 1% whose greed and ruthless quest for hegemony have led to unspeakable suffering and endless war."

The Palestinian BDS National Committee is urging all social movements across the globe to think about how to address the continuing denia
l of Palestinian human rights by Israeli occupation and apartheid. This system of oppression is maintained and perpetuated by corporate power such as military companies which seek profits at the expense of Palestinian lives. 

As the BNC rightly points out, this is especially an issue for the movement in the United States considering the unconditional U.S. political and military 
support for Israel. We 
are organizing extra hard to bring the cost of Israeli occupation to the #Occupy Movement and you can help us demand that the $30 billion in military aid we are sending to Israel is redirected back to our communities at home.

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