Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Growing Impact of BDS Creating Anxiety amongst pro-Israel Groups

The growing success of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign internationally has Israel’s US supporters panicked. In response to the surging momentum of BDS, pro-Israel groups have launched "Buy Israel Week," which will run Nov. 28 to Dec. 4.

The initiative, with counts BDS target Ahava as one of its sponsors, is frantically being promoted as a way to counteract the BDS movement and those that “work to undermine Israel’s right to exist.”

Such foolish hyperbole, designed to demonize a nonviolent resistance movement and deflect attention away from Israel’s systematic human rights violations, reveals the growing desperation of Israel’s supporters, as the rogue nation is increasingly isolated due to its illegal occupation and apartheid regime.

In fact, the BDS movement continues to grow and gain momentum precisely because it is a powerful nonviolent resistance strategy. Our steadfast work organizing and educating at the grassroots level is working to ensure that US consumers don’t buy “the coolness” of Israeli consumer products.

It is clear the pressure we are bringing to bear on Israeli interests is having an impact. International BDS efforts are playing a key role in contributing to Israel’s isolation. Those efforts are also changing the lopsided discourse in the US that still overwhelmingly favors Israel. Through solidarity and a commitment to nonviolence, our movement will succeed in holding Israel accountable to its obligations under international law.