Monday, November 28, 2011

Organize a Film Screening of New Documentary about Israeli Apartheid

In 2006, at the 5th Annual National Organizers’ Conference of the US Campaign, coalition member groups overwhelmingly resolved to adopt the language of apartheid and Jim Crow segregation in describing Israeli policies towards Palestinians. Applying the apartheid framework to analyses of Israeli practices offers a methodical and startling assessment of conditions on the ground in occupied Palestine. The apartheid framework also explicitly highlights Israel’s grave violations of Palestinian human rights and international law.

Palestinian solidarity activists Ana Nogueira and Eron Davidson have produced an important new documentary, “Roadmap to Apartheid,” comparing Israeli policies with those of apartheid-era South Africa. A film tour is being scheduled for 2012 (see below for more info) and we would like to encourage you to consider organizing a screening in conjunction with an anti-apartheid training seminar. For information on how to organize an anti-apartheid training in your community, please see our training curriculum.

Message from Producers of “Roadmap to Apartheid”

The documentary "Roadmap to Apartheid" will be released by New years of 2012. The producers will be touring extensively in 2012. If you are interested in helping build the tour by organizing a screening, or inviting us to speak along with the movie at an event, on campuses, in churches, unions and community centers, please contact us at

Narrated by Alice Walker, Roadmap to Apartheid is promising to be the definitive documentary that compares and contrasts South African apartheid with Israeli policies and practices. We think its going to be an incredibly important and useful tool for Palestine solidarity organizing and education campaigns, helping to spark hot debates, sorely needed honest discussion, and most importantly, action.

In solidarity,
Ana Nogueira
Eron Davidson
Producers, Roadmap to Apartheid