Monday, November 28, 2011

Organize a Speaking Event with William Parry, London-Based Journalist & Author

William Parry, a London-based photojournalist who contributes regularly to the Washington Review of Middle East Affairs, is launching his book, Against the Wall: the art of resistance in Palestine, with a book tour in the USA. He will be available to give illustrated talks over a two-week speaking tour for student groups and advocacy groups around February 2012 to fit in with university semester schedules.

His stunning book of photos captures the graffiti and street art that has transformed Israel’s wall into a living canvas of resistance and solidarity. Featuring the work of artists including Banksy, Ron English, Swoon, Faile, Blu and others, as well as Palestinian artists and international grassroots activists, these photos express outrage, compassion, solidarity, peaceful resistance and touching humor. They mirror the wall’s toll on lives and livelihoods and are coupled with interviews that show the hardship it has brought to tens of thousands of Palestinians, preventing their access to work, education, families, vital medical care and places of worship.

William Parry has given over 50 illustrated talks throughout the England, Scotland, Ireland and Canada for advocacy, student and arts groups (the UK launch was held with a talk and exhibition at Amnesty International's UK headquarters). He has been interviewed on BBC's News 24 channel, Australia's national ABC Radio, Montreal's C-JAD radio and other media. Against the Wall has received excellent reviews and publicity in a range of media, including Electronic Intifada, al Jazeera English, Publishers Weekly, the New York Review of Books, street art websites and many others (see links below).

William Parry would like to hear from you if you would be interested in supporting the trip and/or organizing a speaking event. Please contact him directly as soon as possible as he will be looking to devise a two-week itinerary ideally before the Christmas break:

The book is published by Lawrence Hill in North America. Review copies may be available -- please ask William Parry for a copy. Publisher details are available at

Endorsements, review and links for Against the Wall:
American political cartoonist Joe Sacco describes Against the Wall as “a singular achievement - both a stunning photographic essay of how Israel’s concrete wall has cut into Palestinian land and strangled whole communities and a powerful visual record of how local and international graffiti artists have battered it with their only weapons, paint and spray cans”. Pink Floyd's Roger Waters says “This book is very beautiful and very ugly. The wall is very ugly, much of the art on it is very beautiful. This book helps to expose the ugly tyranny of oppression. There is beauty in the resistance of the Palestinian people. The annexation of East Jerusalem and the West Bank is ugly. That many Israelis are joining the resistance against their own government’s policies is brave and beautiful. The ugliness of the wall outweighs the beauty of the rest. This book seeks to redress the balance.”

Links to book reviews and press coverage:

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William Parry can be contacted at or via Yuval Taylor at Lawrence Hill/Chicago Review Press (