Friday, March 2, 2012

Occupy AIPAC Live-Streaming Summit Tomorrow

Occupy AIPAC starts tonight! 

If you're in DC this weekend we look forward to seeing you soon!  See the UPDATED schedule of actions here. 

We will be live-streaming the Occupy AIPAC Summit tomorrow, Saturday, March 3, 9:00am-5:30pmEST - watch it live at or directly on Ustream  

Even if you can't join us at Occupy AIPAC, we need your help in promoting this message far and wide. The 99% say NO to war on Iran and YES to diplomacy and respect for Palestinian rights.  Please take a moment to spread the word with social media and send a message to Obama and Congress.

Tell Obama to get out of bed with AIPAC and say No to war on Iran! Take action here 

Follow us @OccupyAIPAC, the AIPAC policy conference is #AIPAC2012, join our efforts to culture jam their twitter feed

The 99% say NO to war on Iran and yes to respect for Palestinian rights #Occupy #AIPAC #AIPAC2012

AIPAC ensures that our tax $ pay for the occupation of #Palestine. We say enough! It is time to @OccupyAIPAC! 

Say NO to war on #Iran! Join @OccupyAIPAC for a mass demo outside the #AIPAC conference in March 

Tell Obama to get out of bed with Bibi and AIPAC @OccupyAIPAC #Iran #Israel #Palestine #AIPAC2012

Tell Obama we don’t want war with Iran @OccupyAIPAC #AIPAC2012

Tell Obama to stop subsidizing Israel’s occupation @OccupyAIPAC #Palestine #AIPAC2012

Protest war on Iran and let right-wing Israel Lobby AIPAC know that the US will not support war! Join Occupy AIPAC on March 4 in Washington DC!
Tell Obama to stop subsidizing Israel’s occupation
Demand a just peace in the Middle East!  AIPAC was a driving force behind the war in Iraq and now it is pushing for war on Iran.  Protest Sunday, March 4th in DC with OCCUPY AIPAC.

Bring our war dollars home - the US can't afford a war with Iran! Show the US stands for peace this weekend, March 4, at OCCUPY AIPAC.

Do you oppose war on Iran?  Tell the right-wing Israel Lobby to stop pushing war and occupation!  Protest in DC this Sunday: 

Do you support equality and freedom for Palestinians?  Attend the Occupy AIPAC Summit and protests in DC March 3-6!  Take a stand against the lawless policies promoted by the right-wing Israel Lobby!  Register and find out more here: 

It's time to end the stranglehold that K Street Lobbyists and Super PACs have on our government. Protest for a government by and for the people. Occupy AIPAC March 2-6 in DC - don't miss this chance to make history -

AIPAC is lobbying Congress to promote a military confrontation with Iran. Do you agree?
Why Occupy AIPAC? Because we support justice, dignity, and equality for all in Israel & Palestine. Join us in DC! 

In solidarity,
Occupy AIPAC