Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ros-Lehtinen: "Long-standing occupation amounts to annexation."

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Florida Republican and chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, seems to have had enough of a US ally in the Middle East ignoring UN Security Council resolutions, continuing its occupation and refusing to allow refugees to return to their homes. 

From her piece in
The Washington Times
By its occupation, Turkey is “guaranteeing” nothing but a creeping annexation. It is time for Turkey to withdraw its military troops, end all support for illegal immigration to Cyprus and let the true inhabitants of the island determine their own future. Only then will the long-suffering Cypriot people finally enjoy the peace and security they have been trying so desperately to achieve for decades.
As one commentator wrote noting the hypocrisy: Substitute "Israel" for "Turkey," "the West Bank" for "Cyprus" and "Palestinians" for "Greek Cypriots."

Anyone familiar with Ros-Lehtinen's record knows that she has not only failed to demand Israel end its occupation and apartheid policies towards Palestinians, but, with the help of her colleagues in Congress, has enabled this oppression by continuing to send military aid and weapons to Israel. Last year she 
introduced a bill to cut off US funding to any UN organization that recognizes Palestinian statehood. She blasted the Obama administration over reports the United States offered to support a UN Security Council statement in February 2011 critical of Israeli settlements: "Support for this anti-Israel statement is a major concession to enemies of the Jewish State and other free democracies. It telegraphs that the U.S. can be bullied into abandoning critical democratic allies and core U.S. principles."

Not sure which core principles Ros-Lehtinen wants to uphold when she pushes for U.S. support of occupation and apartheid, but if you think it's time to for a change in U.S. policy toward Palestine/Israel, sign up to help organize opposition to military aid for Israel. And make sure to join us for our National Organizers' Conference September 21-23 at St. Louis University to get more involved.