Monday, July 16, 2012

BDS Win! Disney Renounces Investments in Ahava

The Stolen Beauty Campaign, a project of our member group CODEPINK to boycott Israel's Ahava cosmetics, announced today that Abigail Disney, a principal investor of Shamrock Holdings Incorporated, the Roy E. Disney family fund, is disclaiming her share of Shamrock's investment in Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories. Ahava, an Israeli cosmetics firm with its factory and visitors center in an illegal West Bank settlement, is a privately held corporation. Shamrock owns about 18.5% of the company. 

In a press release, Disney states:

“Recent evidence from the Israeli Civil Administration documents that Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories sources mud used in its products from the Occupied shores of the Dead Sea, which is in direct contravention to provisions in The Hague Regulations and the Geneva Conventions forbidding the exploitation of occupied natural resources. While I will always hold my colleagues and coworkers in the highest regard, I cannot in good conscience profit from what is technically the ‘plunder’ or ‘pillage’ of occupied natural resources and the company’s situating its factory in an Israeli settlement in the Occupied West Bank. Because of complicated legal and financial constraints I am unable to withdraw my investment at this time, but will donate the corpus of the investment as well as the profits accrued to me during the term of my involvement to organizations working to end this illegal exploitation.”

Just last month the Stolen Beauty Campaign celebrated its three-year anniversaryAccording to Haaretz: "Stolen Beauty’s activity in the United States and elsewhere has helped make Ahava cosmetics one of the first mentioned in any discussion of products that are produced in settlements or in industrial zones operated in settlements but are marked 'Made in Israel.'" 

We congratulate CODEPINK on this victory and hope you will join us at our
National Organizers' Conference September 21-23 at St. Louis University to celebrate!