Tuesday, August 14, 2012

10 Reasons To Attend Our Conference!

August in DC is pretty quiet as Congress goes on recess, summer interns go home, and tourist season winds down. But things in the US Campaign office are getting busier as we prepare for our 11th Annual National Organizers' Conference next month! 

We hope you will join us
September 21-23 at St. Louis University. If you still need some convincing, we came up with 10 reasons you should attend the conference. You probably have your own reasons to come, which is why you should register today then invite your friends and followers

10. Build up your organizing skills by attending workshops put on by our member groups.
Check out the workshops lined up so far

9. Connect with US Campaign staff and Steering Committee members face-to-face.
We would love to meet you in person! 

8. Take your
BDS campaign to the next level with a training led by Dalit Baum, co-founder of Who Profits from the Occupation

7. Are you a
student? Sign up to volunteer and we'll offer you a discount on your registration fee. Just email membership@endtheoccupation.org

6. Honor an activist for their astounding work for peace and justice with the
Damu Smith Award. Damu, who was born in St. Louis, was an internationally renowned activist, founder of Black Voices for Peace, and supporter of Palestinian rights. 

5. St. Louis is also the
hometown of our National Organizer Anna Baltzer and Hedy Epstein, another longtime advocate of human rights. 

4. Shape the future of the US Campaign by
nominating and electing Steering Committee members. 

3. Find out about
The Do's and Don'ts of Palestine from poet and activist Remi Kanazi

2. Network with Palestine activists from across the country and get ideas about how you can
strengthen your work back home. 

1. Be inspired by experiencing the work of the US Campaign and our nearly
400 member groups to change U.S. policy toward Palestine/Israel to support human rights, international law, and equality. 

Register today because special registration for $80 and conference hotel rates are only guaranteed until August 31!