Friday, October 26, 2012

Call for Volunteers in Palestine!

The International Women's Peace Service is the newest member group of the US Campaign. They have put out this call for volunteers. National Organizer Anna Baltzer worked with them for three years. It's a transformative experience, if you've been looking for an opportunity to contribute to the movement on the ground in Palestine...
International Women's Peace Service (IWPS) is now recruiting volunteers to retain international presence in Palestine in 2013 and beyond.

IWPS is a female driven, small human rights organisation with members from all over the world. IWPS focuses on maintaining international presence in Palestine and supporting the participation of women in resisting the illegal occupation.

Have you ever:
Wanted to give your time to the Palestinian struggle?
Wanted to learn more?
Wanted to be a witness and document the human rights abuses taking place in the West Bank? 
Wanted to work alongside women from different backgrounds?

If you answered yes to any of the above then join IWPS and support us in maintaining international presence in the West Bank.

If you have:
Good communication skills - written and oral
Good technological skills - emails, website, filming, photography
Have some knowledge of the current situation in Palestine with a willingness to learn
Reliability and commitment; and 
The possibility of attending our training at the end of November
Then we would like to hear from you. Visit our website to get more information including the application pack. 

Here is why Meg volunteers for IWPS:

"I joined IWPS at the end of 2009 and still volunteer with them today. Like you, I read an email recruitment call and decided to bite the bullet. I was scared, and yes volunteering in Palestine is no walk in the park. However I joined IWPS as it provided everything I would want in an organisation if I wanted to contribute to a just cause in the safest way possible. IWPS provided immense support before, during and after my trip to Palestine. 

Managing my fears wasn't easy. However today I sit in the comfort of my own home with immense pride that I contributed to a cause much bigger than myself. I felt and still feel the immense pride in my ability to have given my time. Being a witness to the human rights abuses in Palestine further informed my perspective on the conflict. If you have ever thought about doing something for Palestine then I highly recommend joining IWPS." 

This call is posted here.

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