Thursday, January 3, 2013

Settlements Not a Problem According to Washington Post

The Washington Post Editorial Board started the New Year with an op-ed declaring that continued settlement expansion is not an obstacle to peace between Israelis and Palestinians and that the "overheated rhetoric" in reaction to the latest announcement of settlement construction is counterproductive to restarting negotiations. 
"The criticism is appropriate, in the sense that such unilateral action by Israel, like the unilateral Palestinian initiative to seek statehood recognition in November from the U.N. General Assembly, serves to complicate the negotiations that are the only realistic route to a Middle East peace. But the reaction is also counterproductive because it reinforces two mistaken but widely held notions: that the settlements are the principal obstacle to a deal and that further construction will make a Palestinian state impossible."
So the WP editors would have their readers believe that continued colonization of Palestinian land by Israel is not really an issue, and that it is imperative that the Security Council pressure the Palestinians to stop using settlements as an excuse to not getting back to negotiations. Guess their New Year's resolution is to promote hasbara talking points even more prominently. 

We would like to thank the WP editors for informing us of the fallacy of our efforts to end US support for Israeli occupation and apartheid, support that includes more than $3 billion in military aid annually and diplomatic protection at the United Nations by vetoing resolutions condemning continued settlement action. Apparently it is the oppressed Palestinian people who should be pressed to accommodate Israeli impunity, and that is how peace will happen. And don't mind the settlements. It's not like settlers have been committing acts of violence and vandalism against Palestinians without any consequence. 

You can send a letter to the editor- less than 200 words- to Also sign up to organize to end military aid to Israel