Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SodaStream Wants You to Host Fizz Parties to Support Occupation

People are being encouraged to host a SodaStream Fizz & Football House Party as part of SodaStream's advertising campaign during the Super Bowl. Use #SodaStreamParty and #BoycottSodaStream on Twitter to let people know all that is wrong with SodaStream

Also, make sure to submit your video for our 2013 Super Bowl SodaStream Spoof Ad ContestA supporter sent us these lyrics and let us know we can share them with others who might be interested in using them. Check them out below and make sure to submit your videos to! 

From our member group JVP-DC.
Oy vey, I must tell you, SodaStream,
Your product really makes me squeam.
I wouldn’t have to write this verse
If what you’re doing were not perverse.
You know it’s illegal where you make it,
It’s just so exploitive, I can’t take it.
If in the West Bank you hadn’t settled,
I wouldn’t be so awfully nettled.
My friends and I won’t buy your fizzy
In hopes your factory won’t be busy.
If you weren’t using Palestinian land,
You wouldn’t find your product banned.
So stop production, move your plant,
Your sales might take an upward slant.
‘Til then your new type carbonation
To us is just an abomination.