Thursday, May 30, 2013

Take Action! Send Alicia Keys Your BDS Photos!

Alicia Keys is set to perform in Tel Aviv on July 4 as part of her Set the World on Fire tour. Both Alice Walker and Roger Waters have written her open letters (here and here) urging her to heed the Palestinian BDS call and cancel her show. 

You can do your part by taking the following actions! 

1. Submit a photo. Alicia is running a competition for her fans to get featured in a video that will be shown while she is on tour. Fans are asked to submit a photo with the hope of being chosen. This is an opportunity for some culture jamming asking activists to submit pictures with messages urging her to not play in Israel. 

To submit a photo: 
  • Go to her website:
  • Scroll down to the interactive map and click "Get Started."
  • Yellow pins show cities that are open for photo submissions. None of these cities are in the United States, but that is ok because it doesn't matter if you're really from the city you're submitting from.
  • Click on a city. Enter "Boycott Apartheid" in the box that asks for one word to describe the city, then your name and email.
  • Upload a photo then hit submit! Send in pictures/infographics of examples of Israeli occupation and apartheid (the wall, house demolitions, checkpoints, etc); Palestinian popular resistance; and/or of yourself holding signs of solidarity with Palestinians.
  • Share with us the pictures you upload via our Tumblr or email to 
2. Watch and share this video via Facebook

3. Tweet the following to Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys).
  • Hey @aliciakeys Come Together with Your Sisters. Boycott #Apartheid! #BDS (Tweet Now)
  • Alice Walker writes to @aliciakeys: Don't put yourself in soul danger by performing in an #apartheid state (Tweet Now)
  • Don't Be Fallin For #Apartheid @aliciakeys. Cancel #Israel! #BDS (Tweet Now)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Take Action! SodaStream At Cannes!

The American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival, which opens today, is featuring SodaStream as its premier sponsor. We need your help to pressure them about shining the spotlight on this occupation profiteer!  

1. Watch and share this great video made my member group Jewish Voice for Peace- DC Metro.

2. Read our press release "International Coalition Criticizes SodaStream Sponsorship of the American Pavilion at Cannes Film Festival." 

3. Tweet! Below are sample tweets from our member group The Palestine Freedom Project

  • Hey @AmPav: If you think SodaStream is progressive, you're living in a bubble #Cannes2013 (Tweet Now)
  • Enjoy @Cannes but don't get conned by SodaStream (Tweet Now)
  • Hey @AmPav guests: SodaStream isn't green. Sorry to burst your bubble. #Cannes2013 (Tweet Now)
  • @Cannes rolls out the red carpet as @AmPav sponsor SodaStream rolls past the green line (Tweet Now)
  • @Cannes is filled with great artists, but the greatest con artist of all is @AmPav sponsor SodaStream (Tweet Now)
  • Help the Israeli occupation fizzle out. Boycott SodaStream at #Cannes2013 @Ampav #BDS (Tweet Now)
  • Why is @AmPav shining a spotlight on occupation profiteer #Sodastream at #Cannes2013? (Tweet Now)
  • Soldiers and Pavilions: #Cannes2013 @AmPav sponsor SodaStream profits from Israeli military occupation #BDS (Tweet Now)
  • Pavilion Casualties: #Cannes2013 @AmPav sponsor SodaStream profits from Israel's military occupation #BDS (Tweet Now)
  • Bubble Indemnity: #Cannes2013 @AmPav sponsor SodaStream profits from Palestinian suffering (Tweet Now)
4. Share this image with your Facebook friends by clicking here

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nakba Day Events

These events are being held to mark 65 years since the Nakba, the dispossession and forced exile of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their land before and during the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. If you would like your event added, please email 

Thursday, May 9 at 6:30pm
A radio play about a series of meetings by Zionist leaders to plan the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, 1947-48.
All quotes from Israeli historian Ilan Pappe’s book The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.
Broadcast by Poets West on KSER, 90.7 FM
Podcast here

Boston, MA 
65 Years Later: The Ongoing Nakba
Sunday, May 12 at 11:00am
Find more information here

Bridgeview, IL
American Muslims for Palestine 
Annual Outdoor Al Nakba Commemoration Day
Sunday, May 12 at 2:30pm
Find more information here

Seattle, WA
Remember the Nakba: Stop the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
Sunday, May 12 at 12:00pm
Find more information here

Chicago, IL
Depaul University SJP
Palestinian Culture Night
Tuesday, May 14 at 6:00pm
Find more information here

Chicago, IL
University of Chicago SJP
From South Africa to Israel: The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement
Tuesday, May 14 at 7:30pm
Find more information here

Denver, CO
Colorado BDS
Demand TIAA-CREF Divest from Israeli Occupation

Wednesday, May 15 at 12:00pm
Find more information here

Washington, DC
Nakba Day Commemoration at the White House

Wednesday, May 15 at 7:00pm
Find more information here

Philadelphia, PA 
Philadelphia Remembers the Nakba- A Weekend of Events
May 17-May 19
Find more information here

Youngstown, OH
Panel/Open Forum Discussion To Commemorate 65 Years Of the Nakba
Saturday, May 18 at 8:00pm
The Arab American Cultural and Education Center
15 Belgrade Ave, Youngstown, Ohio 44509

Fort Worth, TX
North Texas BDS 
Boycott SodaStream Protest
Saturday, May 18 at 2:00pm
Target Super Store (301 Carroll Street)

Arlington, VA
US Palestinian Community Network
The Palestinian Nakba: 65 Years Later
Sunday, May 19 at 6:00pm
Find more information here

More cities join SeaMAC’s Equal Rights bus ad campaign, while Seattle protests the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

Check out US Campaign member group SeaMAC's growing ad campaign in the Seattle area calling for equal rights for Palestinians, along with its commemoration of the Nakba. 

May 7, 2013
Contact: Edward Mast, 

More cities join SeaMAC’s Equal Rights bus ad campaign, while Seattle protests the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

Palestine: Stolen Homeland
Sunday May 12, 2013
12:00 - 5:00 pm
Westlake Plaza, 4th & Pine downtown Seattle

Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SeaMAC) has started running its bus ad campaign EQUAL RIGHTS FOR PALESTINIANS: THE WAY TO PEACE in Bellevue, Redmond, and Kirkland this week.  Those ads began on May 1 and will run on six buses for four weeks, along with ads on six buses in Seattle at the same time.  The Equal Rights ads are also running on buses in Port Angeles and Clallam County, and have appeared in buses and newspapers in Tacoma and Olympia.

Photos available on request; also at

SeaMAC will also cosponsor Palestine: Stolen Homeland, a theatrical installation of over 100 small tents inscribed with the names of Palestinian villages destroyed in 1948.  The display will commemorate and protest the events of 1947-9, when two-thirds of the Palestinian people were forcibly displaced and over 400 Palestinian villages were destroyed.  The new state of Israel created laws to prevent the return of those Palestinians after the war, and now Palestinians are one of the largest and longest-suffering refugee populations in the world.  To describe these events, Palestinians use the word “Nakba” which means “catastrophe.”  

In his book The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, Israeli historian Ilan Pappe has described the events of 1947-9 as "a crime against humanity that Israel has wanted to deny and cause the world to forget."  Pappe also observes that Palestinians in the West Bank and Greater Jerusalem are undergoing ethnic cleansing today, as Israel continues to drive them out to make room for more Israeli settlers.

PALESTINE: STOLEN HOMELAND is organized by Palestine Solidarity Committee, Voices of Palestine, and Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign.   

To observe Mothers Day -- originally an anti-war holiday -- PALESTINE: STOLEN HOMELAND will also include a booth for MOTHERS AGAINST ETHNIC CLEANSING.

For more information about Palestine: Stolen Homeland, contact

Local Human Rights Group in Albany, NY Posts Billboard to Stop Military Aid

For Immediate Release:

May 6, 2013

Local Human Rights Group Posts Billboard to Stop Military Aid

New Billboard and Web Site say unconditional aid to Israel deterrent to peace, harmful to both U.S. and Israel. Endorsements arrive.

Contact: Mary Folsom 

What: Billboard

Who: Sponsored by the NYS Coalition to Stop 30 Billion, a grassroots collection of peace and human rights activists

Where: Billboard is located on Fuller Road, between Cherry Street and Dorlyn Road, visible when travelling on Fuller from Central Avenue toward Washington Avenue.

How: Billboard is funded by donations.

Why: Because unconditional aid to Israel siphons funds from domestic use, and supports hard-line Israeli factions, thwarting a just peace.

Endorsements: The coalition has received the following statements endorsing the Board and its message:

“The billboard and web site communicate that huge grants of aid to Israel, unique in international affairs, are harmful to prospects for peace in a region in turmoil and encourage elements in Israel that are most dangerous - to its own future as well. They are also an outlandish drain the US budget, depleting funds need for constructive purposes, at home and abroad. They are a scandal that should be ended.”

Professor Noam Chomsky - Nationally known author, speaker, and political expert

"By placing a billboard in Albany calling on the United States to end $30 billion of taxpayer-financed weapons to Israel, Stop $30 Billion--New York State is providing a valuable resource to people in New York, educating them about how our tax dollars could be better spent on unmet community needs rather than on enabling Israel's oppression of Palestinians."

Josh Ruebner - National Advocacy Director, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

“I support the billboard calling for no military aid to Israel. Israel has not only continually violated the rights of the Palestinian people but has attacked it’s neighboring states, maintains nuclear weapons yet has not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and today pushes for war with Iran and Syria.”

Joe Lombardo - Co-coordinator of the United National Antiwar Coalition

“Sending $30,000,000,000 of our money as military aid to a country with the 10th most powerful military in the world may seem like a good idea to politicians looking for campaign contributions from members of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. But to Americans who are struggling to feed their families here at home or who care about health crises in less developed countries, it sends a message of indifference towards people who are in genuine need of help.

Paul Rehm, Christian Peacemaker Teams reservist

Friday, May 3, 2013

US Tour for Sahar Francis of Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association

Since 2006 Sahar Francis has been the General Director of Ramallah-based
Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, a Palestinian NGO providing legal and advocacy support to Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli and Palestinian prisons. 

This tour comes at a crucial moment: More than 4,900 Palestinians are detained by Israel, including 236 children, 14 elected members of the Palestinian Legislative Council and 170 administrative detainees held without charge or trial. Since 1967 more than 52 prisoners have died from medical neglect and 73 from torture during interrogation, most recently 64 year old Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh who was denied cancer treatment. Since 2011 Palestinian political prisoners are continuously on hunger strike to protest their arbitrary arrest and detention, including Ayman Abu Daoud, who has been on hunger strike for over 3 weeks. 

Meanwhile in the United States, 166 prisoners are still detained in Guantanamo Bay, many of them on hunger strike to protest their extrajudicial incarceration, especially those who have served years without being charged. African-American children in Cook County, Illinois make up 71% of youth arrests despite only being 32% of the total population. At Pelican Bay Maximum Security Prison in California, mass hunger strikes regularly erupt in protest of the inhumane conditions. 

Spanning seven major cities across the United States this May, Addameer seeks to build bridges between our shared struggle against oppression by finding commonalities and strategizing ways to resist the institutionalized systems of control. For more information:

Addameer also recently launched a global campaign against adminitrative detention:

(The ADL has issued a warning about Sahar's tour and "goal of linking problems in the American prison system such as discrimination, racial profiling, and lack of rehabilitation options, to the issues faced by Palestinian prisoners.")

Monday, May 6
Crystal Cove at the University of California- Irvine
Cruel and Unusual Punishment
More Information here
Tuesday, May 7
Palestinian Political Prisoners: The Intersection of International Law and the Palestinian Struggle
Culver Palms United Methodist Church 
4464 Selpulveda Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230
More information here

Thursday, May 9
Keynote Speech at the opening of “From Pelican Bay to Guantanamo to Palestine” Conference
College of Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Ave, EP 425, San Francisco, CA 94132
More information here

Saturday, May 11
12:30pm Lunch and Program
Juvenile Injustice: Criminalization of Youth in Palestine and Chicago
Al Hambra Palace Restaurant
1240 W. Randolph, Chicago, IL
Contact to RSVP.

Monday, May 13
From Puerto Rico to Palestine: Colonial Domination and Political Prisoners
John Marshall Law School
304 S. State St, Room 420, Chicago, IL
More information here.

Thursday, May 16 6:30-8:00pm
Incarceration and Community Resistance: From DC to Palestine
Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ 

5301 North Capitol Street NE, Washington, DC 20011

Saturday, May 18 
Ending Mass Incarceration: From Palestine to Pennsylvania
Friends Center
1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102
More information here.

Tuesday, May 21
Calls to Conscience: Prison Resistance in Palestine, Guantánamo, the U.S. and Iran
The Brecht Forum
451 West Street, New York, New York 10014
More information here.