Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Action Alert: Tell Alicia Keys to Cancel her Scheduled Concert!

Alicia Keys is scheduled to perform to an audience of 11,000 in Tel Aviv on July 4, 2013. Following calls from Alice Walker, Roger Waters, Boycott from Within and many more, Alicia Keys has expressed that she is still planning to perform.

We want to deliver a petition ( to her Brooklyn based charity with 11,000 signatures, one person who recognizes the injustice of her performance for each ticket-holder to her concert. On Friday activists will deliver the petition and information on the treatment of Palestinian children to Key’s charity “Keep A Child Alive.”

Will you sign the petition & tweet Alicia Keys to cancel her trip to Israel?

  • Be a Superwoman @aliciakeys & boycott #apartheid for all the mothers fighting for better days to come (Tweet Now
  • Alicia, Keys are all that Palestinians have left from their stolen homes. Cancel Israel. #BDS (Tweet Now
  • Don't be Fallin for #Apartheid @aliciakeys. Cancel Israel. (Tweet Now)
  • Alicia Keys the concrete jungle of Israeli settlements destroys Palestinian dreams. Boycott #Israel (Tweet Now)   
  • Dear @aliciakeys: No one, no one, no one should whitewash #Apartheid #Israel's demolition of Palestinian homes (Tweet Now) 
  • Hey @aliciakeys, Palestinian children also deserve a future. Boycott #Israel. (Tweet Now
  • Some people want it all. Palestinians just want justice, freedom and equality. Cancel Israel. #BDS @aliciakeys (Tweet Now
  • Did u know @aliciakeys in past 10 years, #Israel has detained or arrested 7,000 Palestinian children? Cancel Tel Aviv (Tweet Now
  • From #Africa to #Palestine, ignoring oppression is a crime! @aliciakeys (Tweet Now)  
  • Alicia Keys you can help put the spotlight on the plight of Palestinian children. Boycott #apartheid Israel. (Tweet Now)

Also check out our Tumblr for the pictures people submitted for our last Alicia Keys action.