Monday, July 15, 2013

TIAA-CREF Drops SodaStream!

The We Divest Team just shared the exciting news that TIAA-CREF is no longer invested in SodaStream! You can read the press release here:

Please start tweeting the press release to help spread the word! Here are some sample tweets for you to use, and please also keep an eye on @WeDivest for infographics and more tweets!

  • Keep it Up @TC_Talks! Last year dropped @CaterpillarInc, this year sold off @SodaStreamUSA, next year Veolia? #wedivest

  • Selling off SodaStream is 4 the greater good @TC_Talks! Ur helping illegal Israeli settlements fizzle out! #wedivest

  • Good for @TC_Talks refusing to no longer drink the oppression flavor of SodaStream! Keep it up TIAA-CREF! #wedivest

  • Now that pension fund TIAA-CREF has sold off its share to #SodaStream, will #Veolia be next?

  • Bravo to TIAA-CREF for selling off shares in @SodaStreamUSA! Next year, Veolia? #wedivest @TC_Talks

  • Breaking! @SodaStreamUSA’s relationship with TIAA-CREF fizzles: #wedivest @TC_Talks

  • Retirement giant TIAA-CREF drops controversial Israeli settlement company @SodaStreamUSA: #wedivest @TC_Talks 

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