Tuesday, November 26, 2013

TELL BARTELL: Stop Selling SodaStream

From Palestine Solidarity Committee- Seattle and Northwest BDS Coalition

We would like to take the international campaign to a local Seattle target.  Bartell Drugs still sells SodaStream, and Bartell is a locally-operated, family-run Puget Sound chain with headquarters in West Seattle.  Many of us shop in Bartell stores, and many of us are even recognized by staff in our neighborhood Bartell store.  With enough local pressure, Bartell would be able to decide at the local level to stop selling SodaStream.

We have already flashmobbed the downtown Third Ave Bartell store, and last May during Nakba Day flashmobbing we handed them a letter telling them why they should stop selling SodaStream.  Now we need to spread that message to Bartell stores all over Seattle and Puget Sound.

In early November, we phoned and faxed our concerns to George and Jean Bartell, CEOs of Bartell Drugs.  We asked for a meeting and have gotten no response so far.  

We have now prepared a letter, revised from the letter we delivered in May, which tells Bartell why they should stop selling SodaStream.  You can use our letter — attached as a Word.doc and pasted below — or personalize and adapt it as you need, either by email or postal mail.  

During the Days of Action Against SodaStream, Nov 29 - Dec 10, will you TELL BARTELL to stop selling SodaStream?  Will you email or mail or phone Bartell?  Or print and hand-deliver a copy of the letter to staff at your local Bartell?

PHONE at  1-877-BARTELL (1-877-227-8355)
MAIL at  Bartell Drugs
4025 Delridge Way SW, Suite 400,
Seattle, WA 98106 

We’d like to count you if you Tell Bartell.  
Email Linda Bevis at lindabevis1@aol.com.  (Don’t forget the pesky digit “1” in the address.)   If you email Bartell, bcc us.   If you mail or phone or hand-deliver or have an interaction with or conversation with staff at Bartell, please email and tell us about it!

Bartell is a local opportunity for us.  Tell Bartell to stop selling Sodastream and all other products of Israeli apartheid.