Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mainstreaming BDS & Connecting Struggles

The US Campaign held its 13th Annual National Organizers' Conference, The Mainstreaming of BDS & Continuing Struggle for Palestinian Rights, September 19-21 in San Diego.

Below is the recording for the Mainstreaming BDS & Connecting Struggles panel. Earlier this year, the Israeli company Elbit Systems won a $145 million U.S. Department of Homeland Security contract to provide surveillance technology along the U.S.-Mexico border, just the latest example of the militarization of immigration “reform” that has included the deportation of more than 2 million people under President Obama. Elbit produces the drones used by Israel and provides “intrusion detection systems” for the Apartheid Wall. G4S, the private British security company that helps Israel run prisons where Palestinian political prisoners are held and many times tortured, is notorious for operating private prisons where people are abused and providing deportation services worldwide. The killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO has highlighted the epidemic of police brutality and militarization against African-American communities in the United States and the similar tactics used to justify such violence, including the dehumanization of victims and corporate media distortions of reality. It has also been noted that a member of the St. Louis County Police Department that killed Brown had trained in Israel in the past. This panel highlighted opportunities for joint struggle and the importance of connecting our work for Palestinian rights with other movements for justice.

  • Amal Ali, former president of UC-Riverside Students for Justice in Palestine 
  • Kristian Davis Bailey, journalist and former president of Stanford Students for Justice in Palestine 
  • Suhad Khatib, Saint Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee
  • Gabriel Schivone, youth organizer with UNIDOS indigenous-based ethnic studies group in Tucson, AZ
  • Moderator: Shirien Damra, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation 
Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream