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US Campaign member groups in good standing can submit an application to hold a workshop during our National Organizers' Conference. 

Decisions about which workshops will be chosen will be made based on content as well as time and space constraints.  

All applications for workshops must be received no later than Friday, August  2, 2013. 

Member groups submitting proposals are responsible for planning the structure of the workshop, providing any necessary resources, and facilitating. Workshops should provide participants with information and skills they can use to organize to change U.S. policy toward Palestine/Israel. The time for workshops is 75 minutes

We are looking for workshops for the following tracks: 

  • BDS Campaigns (Veolia, SodaStream, We Divest, HP, Academic and Cultural Boycott, End US Military Aid, etc.)

  • Skillshare (Fundraising, Media, Building Campaigns, Facilitation, etc.)

  • Joint Struggle and/or Incorporating Anti-Racism/Anti-Bigrotry Framework in Our Work

  • Campus Activism 

Only member groups in good standing are invited to submit and hold workshops. Check here to see if your group has submitted its membership dues. 

If you have any questions, please email Ramah Kudaimi at membership@endtheoccupation.org or call 202-332-0994.

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If you will need any audio/visual equipment, please list it here and we will work on getting the equipment for you. Presenters must bring their own laptops. There will be internet access.
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