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Aug, 25 2004
Petition Ends:
Sep, 6 2004
Petition Signatures:  344

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Urge Senators Not to Endorse Israel's Illegal Wall

To: Senators

Dear Senator,

We, the undersigned organizations, urge you to vote no or present on Senate Resolution 408, which condemns the International Court of Justice for ruling that the wall Israel is building in the West Bank is illegal.

As US organizations that support a foreign policy based on human rights and international law, we believe it is important for the Senate to uphold these principles rather than undermine them by condemning their application to current legal issues. The ICJ had jurisdiction to issue an advisory opinion on Israel’s wall after receiving a valid request from the United Nations General Assembly. Its opinion that Israel’s wall in the West Bank is illegal and must be dismantled was based on a sound interpretation of human rights and international law.

It is inappropriate for the Senate to condemn the ICJ for doing its job and to contradict the substance of an ICJ advisory opinion. The advisory opinion states clearly: “All States are under an obligation not to recognize the illegal situation resulting from the construction of the wall and not to render aid or assistance in maintaining the situation created by such construction.” (Para. 163(D).) By actively supporting Israel’s wall, Senate Resolution 408 defies the opinion of the ICJ and demonstrates US unwillingness to take seriously the requirements of human rights and international law.

If passed, Senate Resolution 408 would further isolate US policy toward Israel and Palestine from the international consensus. On July 20, the United Nations General Assembly voted 150 to 6 with 10 abstentions to demand that Israel comply with the ICJ advisory opinion to dismantle its illegal wall in the West Bank. The only countries voting no were the United States, Israel, Australia, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and Palau. The United States must work with the international community to implement a just and lasting peace based on human rights and international law.

We thank you for your attention to this matter and again strongly urge you to vote no or abstain on Senate Resolution 408.


1. 1% A Peace Army, Cambridge, MA
2. 122 Growing Resistance Collective, Ithaca, NY
3. Action Center for Justice, Charlotte, NC
4. Activist San Diego, San Diego, CA
5. Agape Community, Ware, MA
6. Alternative Palestinian Agenda, Madison, WI
7. American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Washington, DC
8. American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee DC Area Chapter, McLean, VA
9. American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Philadelphia Chapter, Philadelphia, PA
10. American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee San Francisco Chapter, San Francisco, CA
11. American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee-Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
12. American Friends Service Committee, Des Moines, IA
13. American Muslim Alliance, Orlando, FL
14. Americans for a Just Peace in the Middle East, Santa Barbara, CA
15. Americans for a Palestinian State Political Action Committee, Oakland, CA
16. Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights, Portland, OR
17. Arab American Association, Charlotte, NC
18. Arab and Inernational Women's Association, San Antonio, TX
19. Arab/Jewish Peace Alliance, Albuquerque, NM
20. Arab Student Union, University Of Michigan- Dearborn, Dearborn, MI
21. Atlanta Friends Meeting, Social Concerns Committee, Decatur, GA
22. Atlanta Palestine Solidarity, Atlanta, GA
23. Axiom Foundation/Axiom Media, Ames, IA
24. Berkeley Women in Black, Berkeley, CA
25. Birmingham Islamic Society, Hoover, AL
26. B. L. Winch Group, Inc., Fawnskin, CA
27. Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights, Boston, MA
28. Bring Back the Civilain Conservation Corps, St. Petersburg, FL
29. Camden County Green Party, Camden, NJ
30. CAS Consulting, Ventura, CA
31. Catholic Peace Fellowship, Philadelphia, PA
32. Center for Creative Cooperation, Scranton, PA
33. Center on Law and Human Rights, Colorado Springs, CO
34. Central Ohioans for Peace, London, OH
35. Charleston Peace, Charleston, SC
36. Christians for Peace and Justice in the Middle East, Indianapolis, IN
37. Citizens for Just Democracy, Amarillo, TX
38. Citizens for Justice in the Middle East, Kansas City, MO
39. Citizens for Peace in the Middle East, Valdosta, GA
40. Coalition for Justice in Hawaiian Gardens & Jerusalem, Los Angeles, CA
41. Coalition for Peace with Justice, Chapel Hill, NC
42. Code Pink, Washington, DC
43. College of St. Benedict, St. John's University History Club, St. Joseph, MN
44. Colorado Jews for a Just Peace, Boulder, CO
45. Colorado Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Denver, CO
46. Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine, Oak Park, IL
47. Committee for Justice in Palestine, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
48. Committee for Peace in Israel and Palestine, East Hampton, NY
49. Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, New York, NY
50. Community for Peace, Winston-Salem, NC
51. Conference of Social Justice Coordinators of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
52. Congregation Beyt Tikkun, San Francisco, CA
53. Council for the National Interest, Washington, DC
54. Cousins Club of Orange County, Orange, CA
55. Crescent Peace Society, Shawnee Mission, KS
56. Crescent Peace Society, Blue Spring, MO
57. Daily Grind, New York, NY
58. Davis Peace Coalition, Davis, CA
59. Direct Action for Rights & Equality, Providence, RI
60. Duval Greens Party, Jacksonville, FL
61. Educational Alliance for Peace, San Anselmo, CA
62. Emma Goldman Youth and Homeless Outreach Project, Olympia, WA
63. Episcopal Peace Fellowship, Chicago, IL
64. Fathers for Justice, Houston, TX
65. Fellowship of Reconciliation Interfaith Peace-Builders, Washington, DC
66. Five M Partnership, Milford, PA
67. Florida Palestine Solidarity Network, Pensacola, FL
68. Florida State University Students United for Peace and Justice, Tallahassee, FL
69. Friendship with Palestinian Christians, Winston-Salem, NC
70. Friends of Sabeel New England, Medford, MA
71. Friends of Sabeel--North America, Portland, OR
72. Georgetown University Law Center National Lawyers' Guild , Washington, DC
73. Global Exchange, San Francisco, CA
74. Grassroots International, Boston, MA
75. Greater New Haven Peace Council, New Haven, CT
76. Green Heart, Collingswood, NJ
77. Hamsa Project, Fort Worth, TX
78. Harrisburg Middle East Justice & Peace Group, Harrisburg, PA
79. Helena Peace Seekers, Helena, MT
80. Hilton Head for Peace, Hilton Head, SC
81. Home for Peace and Justice, Saginaw, MI
82. Honea Path Peacemongers, Honea Path, SC
83. Houston Peace Forum, Houston, TX
84. Humanity Check Interfaith Peace and Reconciliation Project, Santa Rosa, CA
85. Hyde Park Committee Against War and Racism, Chicago, IL
86. Institute of Humanistic Science, Lansing, NY
87. Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, Ann Arbor, MI
88. International Coalition of Academics Against Occupation, Washington, DC
89. International Service Society, Okemos, MI
90. International Solidarity Movement Support Group in Northern California, El Cerrito, CA
91. International Trauma Treatment Program, Olympia, WA
92. Jewish-Muslim Peace Walk for Interfaith Solidarity, Albuquerque, NM
93. Jewish Voice for Peace, Oakland, CA
94. Jewish Women for Justice in Israel/Palestine, Cambridge, MA
95. Jews for a Just Peace-North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
96. Jews for Equal Justice, Madison, WI
97. Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel, Washington, DC
98. JMH3 Associates, Buffalo, NY
99. June 1st Peace & Justice Coalition, Evansville, IN
100. Justice Committee, Congregation of St. Joseph, Cleveland, OH
101. Justice First Foundation, West Kingston, RI
102. Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War, Kalamazoo, MI
103. Knights of the Socially Conscious, Perry, MI
104. LA Petrophysical, La Habra Heights, CA
105. League Opposed to Virtual Elections, Smyrna, GA
106. Louisville Committee for Israeli/Palestinian States, Louisville, KY
107. Louisville Committee for Peace in the Middle East, Louisville, KY
108. Maine Peace and Justice in Israel/Palestine, Portland, ME
109. Marylanders for a Free Palestine and a Secure Israel, Ellicott City, MD
110. Middle East Children's Alliance, Berkeley, CA
111. Middle East Committee, Women Against Military Madness, St. Paul, MN
112. Middle East Peace Coalition, Northampton, MA
113. Middle East Peace Forum, Ashland, OR
114. Middle East Network of United Methodists, Washington, DC
115. Middle East Peace Now of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN
116. Middle East Policy Advisory Committee, Berkeley, CA
117. Middle East Research and Information Project, Washington, DC
118. MidEast: Just Peace, Cedar, MI
119. Monterey County Citizens for Middle East Peace, Monterey, CA
120. Mothers for Peace-International, Cary, NC
121. Muslim Students Association National, Panama City, FL
122. Muslim Students Association, Kansas City, MO
123. Muslim Students Association, University of San Diego School of Law, San Diego, CA
124. Nakba '48, Gainesville, FL
125. Network of Arab American Professionals, New York Chapter, New York, NY
126. New York Committee to Defend Palestine, New York, NY
127. Nonviolence International, Washington, DC
128. North Carolinians for Truth and Justice for Palestine, Greensboro, NC
129. Northwest Middle East Peace Forum, Tacoma, WA
130. Not in My Name, Chicago, IL
131. Okanogan Just Democracy in Action, Omak, WA
132. Order of St. Catherine, Woburn, MA
133. Pacifica Forum, Eugene, OR
134. Palestine Aid Society, Van Nuys, CA
135. Palestine-Israel Action Group of Ann Arbor Friends Meeting, Ann Arbor, MI
136. Palestine/Israel Justice Project, Minnesota Annual Conference, United Methodist Church, Paynesville, MN
137. Palestine Solidarity Committee, Seattle, WA
138. Palestinians For Peace & Democracy, San Antonio, TX
139. Park University Interfaith Dialogue, Kansas City, MO
140. Partners for Peace, Washington, DC
141. Pax Christi Austin, Austin, TX
142. Pax Christi Hilton Head, Hilton Head, SC
143. Pax Christi Minnesota, St. Paul, MN
144. Pax Christi, Naples, FL
145. Pax Christi Rhode Island, Providence, RI
146. Peace Action, Silver Spring, MD
147. Peace Pledge-Chicago, Chicago, IL
148. Peace with Justice, Mesquite, TX
149. Peace with Justice, Pasadena, CA
150. People for Justice in Palestine, Iowa City, IA
151. People for Peace & Justice, St. Augustine, FL
152. People's Activist Cafe, Vancouver, WA
153. Philadelphia Jewish Peace Network, Philadelphia, PA
154. Pittsburgh Palestine Solidarity Committee, Pittsburgh, PA
155. Playgrounds For Palestine, Inc., Yardley, PA
156. Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, Owego, NY
157. Reno Anti-War Coalition, Reno, NV
158. Rhode Island Gays & Lesbians for Peace, Providence, RI
159. Rhode Island Qalqilya Alliance, Providence, RI
160. Rising Up Collective, Harrisonburg, VA
161. Root Activist Network of Trainers, Austin, TX
162. Sacred Heart Franciscans JPIC, Countryside, IL
163. Savage Rose, Los Angeles, CA
164. SHCJ EcoSpirituality Group, Chicago, IL
165. Sisters of St. Joseph, Wichita, KS
166. Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St.Louis, MO
167. Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Monroe, MI
168. Society of St. Cuthbert, Sparks, NV
169. Sonoma County Peace & Freedom Party, Cotati, CA
170. St. Frances Cabrini Justice and Peace Coalition, St. Paul, MN
171. St. Pete for Peace, St. Petersburg, FL
172. Stanford University Coalition for Justice, Stanford, CA
173. Stop the Wall Campaign-US, Seattle, WA
174. Stop U.S. Tax Funded Aid to Israel Now (SUSTAIN), Washington, DC
175. Student Socialist Coalition, Albuquerque, NM
176. Students for Social Change, Alfred, NY
177. Students United for Peace and Justice, Falls Church, VA
178. Tampa Bay Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. St. Petersburg, FL
179. Tikkun Community, San Francisco, CA
180. Tikkun Community San Francisco Chapter, San Francisco, CA
181. Time Out for Peace, San Francisco, CA
182. Town of Agawam Green-Rainbow Party, Agawam, MA
183. Travers for Peace, Honor, MI
184. Turboteck West, Longview, WA
185. Twin Streams Educationla Center-Peace 1st, Chapel Hill, NC
186. U.C.G. Construction, Accokeek, MD
187. United for Justice with Peace, Israel-Palestine Task Force, Boston, MA
188. United for Peace and Justice, Irving, TX
189. Urban Development Group, Accokeek, MD
190. Ursulines of Tildonk for Justice and Peace, New York, NY
191. US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, Washington, DC
192. Utahns for a Just Peace in the Holy Land, Park City, UT
193. Visions of Peace with Justice in Israel/Palestine, Cambridge, MA
194. Walteria United Methodist Church, Torrance, CA
195. Washington Interfaith Alliance for Middle East Peace, Washington, DC
196. We the People of America, Arlington, VA
197. WESPAC Foundation, Croton-on-Hudson, NY
198. West Marin Alliance for Peace & Justice, Point Reyes Station, CA
199. Western Carolinians for Peace and Justice in the Middle East, Black Mountain, NC
200. Western New York Peace Center, Buffalo, NY
201. West Metro Neighbors For Peace, Rogers, MN
202. Women in Black, Lawrence, KS
203. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom-United States Section, Philadelphia, PA
204. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Branch, Michigan
205. Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, Humboldt Branch, Arcata, CA
206. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Monterey County Branch, Pacific Grove, CA
207. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Philadelphia Branch, Philadelphia, PA
208. Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, Santa Cruz Branch, Santa Cruz, CA
209. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, St. Louis Branch, St. Louis, MO
210. Youth for Justice, Western Connecticut State University, Sandy Hook, CT

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