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Qana Massacre

April 18, 2006 marked the 10th year since the shelling of a UN compound that killed 106 civilians and injured hundreds of others. In this section read about the massacre, the lawsuit filed, and the congressional advocacy done on the survivors' behalf.

Qana, Ten Years Later
On April 18, 1996, Israeli forces shelled the UN compound in Qana, Lebanon during its military operation, "Grapes of Wrath." The compound provided refuge for nearly 600 Lebanese civilians during the attack. The shelling left 106 civilians and more than 300 injured, marking one of Lebanon's bloodiest massacres.
Fact Sheet
Use this fact sheet in your advocacy efforts. Include it in a folder of helpful documents you give to your Congressional representative, make it available at a Qana teach-in you organize, or hand it out to passers-by at a vigil or demonstration you coordinate.
Chapter 18: The Massacre
Robert Fisk is an internationally recognized journalist for the Independent of London. In his book, Pity the Nation, Fisk recounts the countless wars that tore Lebabnon apart. Chapter 18 of the book is dedicated to the Qana Massacre, where Fisk saw "more blood than [he] had ever seen before."
The lawsuit: Belhas, et. al. v. Ya'Alon
On December 15, 2005, the Center for Constitutional Rights and its cooperating attorneys served former Israeli General, Moshe Yaalon, with papers to appear in US federal court for his responsibiltiy in the 1996 shelling of the UN compound in Qana, Lebanon.
Public Briefing on Capitol Hill: "Commemorating Qana and Still Seeking Justice Ten Years Later"
On the 10th Anniversary of the shelling of the U.N. compound in Qana, the family members of Qana victims, along with a human rights attorney litigating the case against Moshe Ya'alon and Congressman John Conyers', Jr. (D, 14th-MI) demanded Israeli accountability to human rights and Internationl law on Capitol Hill.
Congressional Record Statement
Representative John Conyers, Jr.(D-14th, MI) introduced a statement into the Congressional Record on behalf of his constituents who had relatives murdered in the 1996 Qana massacre.
Press Release
10 years later, survivors of Qana massacre still seeking justice: Press briefing on Capitol Hill features family members of Qana victims and attorney litigating class action law suit on victims’ behalf. scheduled for April 25th 2006.