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Call for Corporate Accountability

Email for Ethical Business!

Click here to send an email to Caterpillar Board Members

Caterpillar directly profits from the illegal demolition of Palestinian homes, destruction of Palestinian agricultural land, the building of Israel's apartheid wall, and the construction of illegal, Jewish-only settlements on Palestinian land.  Dozens of people have been crushed to death by Caterpillar bulldozers and falling debris as their homes were demolished by the Israeli military.

Click here to tell John Brazil and Charles Powell, Caterpillar's board members charged with overseeing CAT's Audit and Public Policy committees, that they need to change the way they do business in Israel/Palestine.

Click here to send an email to Motorola Management

Motorola has a long history of profiting from illegal Israeli military occupation and apartheid practices.  When we started our campaign against Motorola they were selling the Israeli military bomb fuzes that were used in "Operation Cast Lead."  Today, Motorola continues to profit from communications contracts with the Israeli military and the sale of surveillance systems to settlements and along portions of Israel's apartheid wall.

Click here to tell Dean Lindroth and Greg Brown, Motorola's Vice President Investor Relations and CEO that war profits equal lost profits.