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Objective: To give participants the opportunity to share and build skills for local and national organizing
Room: Senate Salon
Arts and Activism
Facilitated by Nizar Wattad of the
Philistines and Dave Lippman 
Description forthcoming.

Room: Sinclair
Facilitated by Mohammed Abed,
Al-Awda, WI / University of Wisconsin Divestment Campaign
This workshop will illustrate why divestment and boycott are potent tools for realizing a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and will suggest creative ways in which diverse activist constituencies can prioritize these strategies in their local organizing.  Some of the questions this workshop will try to answer are 'How does Divestmet work? and 'How does the answer to this first question inform the current attempts to conceptualize and formulate divestment campaigns?'

Room: Lanier
Nonviolent Direct Action
Kadd Stephens and Mark Lance,
SUSTAIN! (Stop US Tax-funded Aid to Israel Now!), Washington, DC Chapter
The direct action workshop will introduce participants to the idea of direct action and its underlying rationale as a tool of social change.  Participants will learn about techniques, materials, strategies, and group structures that facilitate direct action on behalf of Palestinian rights. Many examples of earlier actions by USC member groups will be presented.

Room: Lucerne
Grassroots Organizing
Facilitated by Hany Khalil,
United for Peace and Justice
To win victories against our opponents, activists have to systematically build grassroots power—starting with building a large membership base. In this interactive workshop, we will look at what can be learned from concepts and techniques used by community organizers to involve and retain a growing community membership.

Room: Capital
What is Solidarity?
Facilitated by Joe Carr,
Christian Peacemaker Teams, and Nijmie Dzurinko, International Women's Peace Service
Description forthcoming.

Room: Dalton
Reaching Beyond the Choir
Facilitated by Alison Weir, If Americans Knew; Diane Adkin, Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights; Hassan Fouda, Al-Awda Connecticut
A presentation and discussion of a recent media studies and how to use these studies and other materials to inform people in the United States about the Middle East.  This presentation will include If Americans Knew's recent encounter with the New York Times and the Associated Press, and will analyze the obstacles in obtaining accurate press coverage.  

Room: Dorchester
Working with your local political party: Party resolutions as a tool for mobilizing
Facilitated by Kiki Montamat, Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East
Many rank-and-file Democrats understand the need for a new, justice-based US policy for Israel-Palestine. The problems start as we move up the "leadership" ladder, where the focus switches to appeasing donors.  Working within local Democratic Party structures provides us unbeatable opportunities to grow the grassroots pressure.  At the workshop, I'll share my knowledge of Democratic Party structure and try to demystify the process.   

Room: Senate Salon
PEP- Palestine/Israel Education Project
Facilitated by Ora Wise,
PEP is a collective project consisting of Palestine solidarity activists, students, web designers, teachers, and other youth workers using popular education methods to raise awareness about the war on Palestinians and to connect their struggle to the struggles of oppressed communities in the US.  During this workshop, we will share learning activities, resources, and ideas that we use in classrooms.  We will also discuss the process of developing grassroots education projects and the role that popular education can play in strengthening and growing the Palestine solidarity movement.  We will use concrete examples and share our actual materials, exercises, and experiences with workshop participants.  Handouts, lesson plans, workshop outlines, and resource lists will be provided. 

Room: Sinclair
Legislative Advocacy
Facilitated by Josh Ruebner, Grassroots Advocacy Coordinator,
US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
Come and discuss tactics and strategies used to successfully educate and be effective with your elected representatives in Congress.

Room: Lanier
Media Advocacy
Facilitated by Samar Jarrah, author of Arab Voices Speak to American Hearts
Description forthcoming.

Room: Lucerne
Educating Your Community About Israel's "Matrix of Control"
Facilitated by Stav Adivi and Hassan Fouda,
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) - USA
A sampling and presentation of ICAHD educational materials that illustrate what has been coined Israel's "Matrix of Control" of the Palestinian people, followed by group discussion.  The ICHAD maps, pictures, charts and other materials utilized during the workshop will be available for participants to purchase.

Room: Capital 
Advocating the Palestinian Right to Return
Facilitated by Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh,
Al-Awda, CT
The individual and collective right of Palestinian Refugees to return to their homes and lands is the core of the a just and durabe peace. We will discuss how helping implement these inalienable rights will have positive ramifications to all people both locally and internationally.  We will explore how groups and individuals can effectively advocate for this central issue to their communities, to the media, to politicians, and beyond.

Room: Dalton
Bringing Together Progressive Arab-Americans and Other Progressives!
Facilitated by Samir Moukaddam,
American Movement for Advancing Arab-American Matters (AMAAM)
An open discussion, brainstorming and strategizing on issues like:

  • Are issues that are vital to Arab-Americans best resolved within a progressive framework?
  • How would Arab-Americans outreach to other progressive communities? What are the vital issues (e.g., Palestine, civil liberties, etc…) that we need to bring to them?
  • How would we inreach within our Arab-American communities, linking others' justice struggles to our issues? What are those struggles (e.g. homosexual rights, economic justice, etc…) that would increase our communities’ involvement?

Room: Dorchester
The Nuts and Bolts of Organizing a Palestine Film Festival
Facilitated by Haley Pollack and Rafi Rom,
SUSTAIN! (Stop US Tax-funded Aid to Israel Now), Philadelphia Chapter
This past May, a diverse coalition of organizations successfully organized a week-long, free Palestine Film Festival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Utilizing these recent experiences, this workshop will focus largely on getting started, organizational logistics and strategies for diverse community involvement.   Attendees of this workshop will walk away with sample grant proposals, lists of films, publicity materials and programs.